Urge Incontinence

What is Urge Incontinence?

Urge incontinence and overactive bladder mean the same thing: that the bladder is overactive and signals an urge to empty the bladder even though the urine volume it contains is very small.

Urge incontinence is defined as the complaint of involuntary leakage accompanied by or immediately preceded by urgency.

A person suffering from severe urge incontinence might visit the toilet up to 40 times a day compared to the normal ave-rage of 7 visits per day. People suffering from urge incontinence find it hard to determine when the urge will occur and when urination will begin.

They may experience a more sudden, uncontrolled urination often starting with a strong urge, this urge can be painful at times.

The leakage might vary from a relatively small quantity of drops to a complete voiding of urine. Nor is it unusual to experience urge without leakage.

There are several possible causes of urge incontinence, such as infections, gynaecological problems, and neurological illnesses