About Us

Who is WestCare?

WestCare is a Canadian family-owned business based in Winnipeg, Canada.

WestCare is a partner of Abena North America and the Official National Distributor of Abena goods in Canada.

WestCare's main specialty is the distribution of the highest quality absorbent hygiene products which offer the very latest technical features available on the market today. We are proud distributors of the Abena brand of continence management products.


Our Mission and Values

Every concept explored, every decision made, every action taken must be made with the primary goal and purpose of continuously improving client outcomes and increasing the level and quality of care.

WestCare is a company committed to providing best outcomes for people suffering from incontinence and other health related disabilities.

Our philosophy is holistic and encompasses maximised care while controlling costs. We explore many avenues of innovation and change, always keeping to a fundamental goal of achieving improved resident outcomes.

We endeavour to support individuals and their care providers with systems, education and products which improve quality of life independence and dignity.

Integrity, caring professionalism and product quality are ideals that are synonymous with the WestCare name.

We strive to work with the best.
The best companies in the world.

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