ABENA Let - Multipurpose Pads

ABENA LET is an absorbent pad with a soft core. It is a multipurpose pad used as a maternity pad, booster, absorbing pad for wound care, or light incontinence pad. We recommend ABENA Let products be fixated with our Abri-Fix fitting range.

How to use ABENA Let? 

ABENA Let is a range of multipurpose pads that can be used in several different instances, such as

  • Booster pad - Place ABENA Let on top of your regular incontinence pad as a booster for extra absorption.
  • Post-op pad - Some products in the range can be made sterile, making them suitable for absorbing liquids after operations on the perineal area.
  • Incontinence pad - ABENA Let can be used as a regular incontinence pad for users with light incontinence, if they need a little bit of extra protection.
  • Post-natal pad - Some ABENA Let pads can be used as post-natal pads.

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